From a scientific point of view the concept of "translation" comprises two related, but different activities: interpreting, that is to orally render a spoken text in another language, known from international conferences or from television shows; and the actual translation of written texts into another language, which remains rather in hiding, but is just as indispensable for many scientific, economic or technical operations.

My field of activity is the written translation of various text types, mainly from the areas technology and music. Furthermore, I have gained relevant experience in the translation of texts from the EU institutions.


I will translate your general or technical texts from the French, Spanish or English language into my German mother tongue. Moreover, I will be glad to take over your translations from German into these languages. To this end I can count on the support of qualified native speakers so that your translated texts sound just as professional as the German original. Furthermore, you can also contact me for the revision of your German texts.

As a price guideline apply the price recommendations of the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (ASTTI).

I will be glad to make you a personal offer on request, see Contact.